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Simon King Wildlife Project

Make A Difference To Nature!

The world is rapidly becoming a smaller place and quite often it is nature that is first to pay the price. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could help to turn areas of overworked, impoverished land back into welcoming places for wildlife in order to preserve it for future generations and at the same time ensure the health of our own future too?

One man is doing just that. Simon King, the well-known television presenter, cameraman (Big Cat Diary, Springwatch, Planet Earth, Blue Planet etc) and highly respected naturalist has turned his own back yard into a wildlife haven. It’s taken 4 years of hard graft and sheer grit and determination to turn the 10 acre plot of over worked pastureland in Somerset (aptly named Wild Meadows) into a land rich in wild flowers, waterways and wild creatures where otters, badgers and foxes live alongside kingfishers, dippers, three species of owl and herons…to name but a few!

Simon hasn’t done this for his own self-glorification, but instead is driven by his pure passion and love of nature, and his concern about the increasing loss of wildlife and wild places and how that impacts on our own lives. He has invested a huge amount of his own money in not only restoring Wild Meadows, but also installing a network of live web cameras around the site so that everyone can share the wonderful experiences that nature produces every minute of every day. You can sit in the comfort of your armchair and watch all of the wildlife antics as if you were actually there, with no fee and no membership charge. It really is absolutely fascinating. Just go to: and you’ll see what we mean!

Now that the blueprint has been created at Wild Meadows, the Simon King Wildlife Project has been set up. This is a charity whose objective is to encourage land restoration projects on a national and international scale, enthusing others - from school children and inner city councils and communities to farmers and other land-owners to make similar changes to their own patch.  The charity will help provide the information needed to make these changes as well as learning tools to inspire a generation to be in touch with the value of nature in their lives. But all of this comes at a price. The charity needs the help and support from those of us who are concerned about nature and about the future of our planet.

So, impressed by what Simon is trying to achieve, Country Innovation is donating £10 from the sale of any of their new Linnet Jackets to the project.

“Our business depends entirely upon people who are bird and wildlife lovers. Without nature, we wouldn’t have a business and by supporting the Simon King Wildlife Project it’s a small way of giving something back. I totally applaud what Simon is trying to achieve. You only have to meet him or listen to him to hear the absolute passion and dedication that he has in wanting to make this world a better place for wild creatures and ensure a healthy environment for the survival of our own species.

I have spent the past 2 years developing the new Linnet Jackets and believe I have got as near as I can to the ideal protective garment for the bird/wildlife lover - highly weatherproof, yet comfortable and quiet with plenty of pockets, so it seemed only right and fitting to support the project with a donation from any Linnet sale.”   

Maria Chilvers

Here’s what Simon has to say about the new Linnet range:

When I’m out watching wildlife, I look for certain features in outdoor clothing; a colour that blends well with the environment, lack of ‘crackle’ when I move, generous (and dry) pockets that can hold anything from a DSLR camera body to a book, and of course protection from the elements. The new Linnet range from Country Innovation ticks all the boxes and then some! It keeps the rain out without having to be regularly retreated, has a generous cut that keeps your bottom dry when you stand or sit and a hood that actually works! It’s a great choice for anyone serious about the wild world.

Do your bit for nature by either being one of the first to own a new Linnet Jacket, or by making a donation to the charity. Every penny is highly appreciated and will go to make this world a better place for all of us!

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