Smock vs Jacket - who comes out on top?

Smock vs Jacket - who comes out on top?

There are some people who distinctly prefer the over-the-head/smock type of outer garment to the more traditional zip through jacket. It is a much smaller market, but nevertheless, not to be ignored, and there are distinct advantages to wearing a smock as long as the fabric and design have been carefully thought through. The lack of the main zip means it is harder to get on/off unless there are side openings (and these must be secured with waterproof zips to keep the rain out), and the fabric must be highly breathable as you can’t just open up the garment to let the heat escape like you can with a jacket.

If these issues have been addressed (as is the case with our Kestrel Smock), then a smock is actually more protective than a jacket (the lack of main zip blocks water/wind ingress), and is a perfect choice for anyone tending to work in the outdoors, such as bushcraft enthusiasts or anyone scrabbling around, such as wildlife photographers etc.

We recently had this review of our Kestrel Smock, and it sums it all up perfectly:

I have had this smock for two years now and have worn it for an estimated 12 months out of the 24. I am a bushcraft instructor and as such I am outside teaching in all conditions and environments. I bought this jacket as I needed something to "work" in whilst outdoors and the Kestrel Smock certainly meets all my needs. It is robust enough to walk through the scrub and thicket, carry logs and firewood and is fully waterproof. Also as a keen amateur naturalist the low rustle whilst stalking animals etc works a treat. The large chest pocket is well placed for stashing kit, gloves, binoculars etc and the side zips also work to vent the jacket as well as allowing easy removal. 
Would I recommend this jacket to outdoor enthusiasts...?. Definitely. If you’re looking for a bombproof garment for all conditions and environments you can’t go far wrong with with the Kestrel. 
Melv Mills

The Kestrel Smock has a Ventile outer (tough, weatherproof cotton) and a waterproof/breathable lining, making it extremely protective from the elements. There is an attached hood, long zippered side openings with waterproof zips and a front kangaroo pocket with a large side entry pocket behind. 

To read more about the Kestrel Smock CLICK HERE.

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