Our Top Picks and Tips for Safari

Our Top Picks and Tips for Safari

We’re finding that a lot of our lucky customers are now shooting off to some wonderful destinations on safari at this time of year. South Africa is always a popular choice, and the Winter dry season between May and October is when wildlife watching is probably at its best, when thirsty animals congregate around watering holes and are much easier to spot.

So if you are fortunate enough to be off on safari, then it is imperative that you have the right gear. You’ll need clothing for hot weather in the day, but the nights can get rather cold so be sure to pack an insulation layer like a Fleece. You simply cannot go on safari without a Tilley hat (it’s almost a bit like a uniform), as they are great for making sure you are protected from the sun, and a multi pocket waistcoat is a bit of a must to be able to carry around cameras/binoculars/notebooks etc. We’ve got a selection to choose from, but for the heat, the Traveller Waistcoat is the best choice.

Another big ‘must’ are the Craghoppers Nosilife shirts. These are made from a fabric that has permanent insect repellency built into it, and will fend off 90% off mosquitoes and other biting insects. A nasty mosquito bite can ruin your holiday, so anything that reduces the chances of getting bitten, has to go in the suitcase! Choose the long sleeve shirts for the best arm protection, and the sleeves can also be rolled up and fastened to turn into a short-sleeved option if you choose.
Add to this a lightweight waterproof such as the Bantam for the sudden possible showers, some comfortable footwear such as any of the Grisport boots and shoes, and a Healthy Back Bag (forest green of course!), and you’re away!

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