Don't Get Caught Out In The Rain

Don't Get Caught Out In The Rain

It’s the time of year when you need a good lightweight waterproof jacket to carry around just in case the heavens open. Don’t be fooled though into believing that all lightweight waterproof jackets out in the market will keep you dry for that long (or even keep you dry at all!). There are plenty around in many of the High Street shops ranging from £20 that are probably a) not actually ‘waterproof’ but ‘showerproof’, meaning forget it if you are caught out in the rain, b) not breathable so you are likely to get as wet inside as if the jacket was leaking and c) not taped seams so the rain will find its way in through stitch holes.

A GOOD lightweight waterproof shell jacket (that’s one that doesn’t have a lining adding weight and bulk) is made from a good quality base fabric that is then coated with a good quality waterproof/breathable coating on the backside. Notice the double mention of ‘good quality’ here, as there are many inferior fabrics and coatings that affect the performance of the finished garment. Some are much better than others and it’s ultimately a classic case of ‘you get what you pay for’.

Make double sure that your choice of lightweight ‘waterproof’ jacket is also breathable. Breathability is the ability of a fabric to allow moisture vapour to be transmitted through the material. The coating on the fabric has pores that are so small that water droplets cannot pass through but water vapour can, allowing any heat that builds up inside the garment to escape. There are some factors though that must be borne in mind. Breathability deals with water vapour, so doesn’t stop you sweating. The analogy here is that if a man is digging the garden without a shirt on, in the most breathable of environments, he would still potentially sweat (notice I mention a man here, not a woman!). Breathability is also dependent upon the outside temperature/condition. It works well when the outside is cold and dry, but is less effective when the outside is warm and humid. It is also very affected by what layers you are wearing underneath the jacket. Make sure all of your layers, particularly the base layer next to your skin, are breathable. If they aren’t, the heat vapour will just hang in these layers and it won’t matter how breathable the fabric on your outer jacket is. It simply won’t have a chance to work. You will be damp inside and blaming the jacket.

Also check out whether the garment has taped seams (to prevent water getting through stitch holes) and whether things like the main zip is waterproof, as this is a very vulnerable point when driving rain is coming at you.
Our lightweight waterproof jacket is our Bantam jacket, which is a shell jacket (no lining) weighing only 300 grams. It is fully taped seamed, has water resistant zips and a foldaway hood. It packs away into its own little stuff bag, so is ideal to have in the rucksack just in case. It is the perfect jacket for this time of year and we are offering it to our VIP customers with 15% OFF for a limited time.


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